MaineHealth Audio Conference Protocol

Participants and hosts of an audio conference can do a few simple steps to make sure it is a successful meeting for everyone. The items below are protocols that should be followed for every audio meeting.

If you are hosting:
– Arrive early, prep and ready your presentation
– Connect with your support team ahead of time, make sure you have their contact info
– Ask everyone on the call to mute when the meeting starts to avoid unwanted sounds
– Talk into the handheld mic if you have one, if you are using a clip-on mic, make sure it is set up correctly
– During Q&A always repeat asked questions

If you are participating:
– Call in 10-15 minutes early and introduce yourself
– Mute your mic/phone when the meeting begins, only unmute when asking a question
– Do not put your call on hold

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MaineHealth Video Conference Slideshow Presenters Protocol


Every presentation should be designed with the audience in mind. The slides should be concise, clearly laid out and easy to read, both in the session as well as out to the remote audience via teleconferencing. It is especially important with different video delivery systems, varying resolutions, screen sizes and bandwidth considerations that the slides be able to scale down gracefully. Here are some tips designed to help presenters ensure that their work can be seen by the widest audience.

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Installing Jabber Video for TelePresence on your iPad

IMPORTANT: Before you begin, make sure you request an automated email that contains your username, password and correct server settings. You will need to have MaineHealth IS set up a Jabber account for you. Once you have your username and password, you can proceed with the instructions below:

1. Download “Cisco Jabber Video for iPad” from the iTunes store, it has a PURPLE icon.

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