Polycom HDX 7000 Video Conference Instructions

Polycom HDX 7000 instructions

Placing a video call with the Polycom Video Conference Unit is easy, you can either dial a conference number direct or use the address book. When you walk into the room, make sure that the TV monitor is switched on. Pick up the Polycom remote control and the system will go from sleep mode to active.


You’ll see the main “Place a Call” screen. Here you can dial a unit or video conference using your remote control. The functions and methods work very similar to dialing a cell phone.

To Make a Call

1. Dial the 4 digit number of the conference or video unit you would like to connect with
2. Hit the green CALL button on the remote to connect

To Make a Call with the Video Directory

1. Hit the green DIRECTORY button in the middle of the remote
2. Arrow to the right with your remote ARROW KEYS on the search screen
3. Scroll down with the ARROW KEYS to the video address you would like to call
3. Press the green CALL button


To Hangup from a Call

1. Hit the red END CALL button on the middle right of the remote

To Adjust the Camera while in a Call

1. Use the ARROW KEYS at the upper middle of the remote to move the camera
2. Use the ZOOM KEYS on the upper right of the remote to zoom in and out

To Return to the Main Home Screen

1. Hit the HOME button on the middle right of the remote (button has a house on it)

To Mute Your Mic

1. Hit the yellow MUTE button in the middle of the remote

Polycom HDX 7000 remote instructions

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