Using Jabber Video for TelePresence on Windows or Mac OS X

Using Jabber on your PC or Mac desktop/laptop is easy once it is set up, follow these steps to get up and rolling with your video conference call.

First download the software:


PC –
Mac –


Launch – Click to launch Jabber from the system dock if it is not already running. The icon looks like a camera lens.

Sign In – Jabber will automatically sign the current user in. To sign in as a different user, click the green button (upper left) and choose “Sign Out”

To Make a Call – Where it says “Type, name, number, or address” type in a conference number or a person’s video address username (ex: john.smith)

To Make a Call from the Address Book – You can also type a person’s name or just a letter and the built-in address book will list Video Desktop Users, Video Conferences and Video Rooms. To call, click the name, then click “Start”

Self View – this button will show you your camera
Camera Off and Mic Off – mutes your video and audio
Volume – adjusts the volume for the cart’s audio (you may boost it more by increasing the TV volume as well)
Full Screen – this puts Jabber into full screen mode, the ESC key will exit
Share Screen – click to go to a list of your open documents, then choose a document to share with a conference. Click the button again and choose “stop sharing” to end.