TANDBERG MXE Edge 95 Remote Control Instructions


The Tandberg remote has a lot of features and buttons, but chances are you will only need to learn a few, specifically the four colored buttons.

1. Mic Off turns your Microphone on and off (mute).

2. Arrow keys are used for navigation in the menu and for moving the camera when the menu is hidden.

3. Volume + and – adjusts the system volume.

4. The Layout key toggles between different 4-corner display layouts.

5. Cancel takes you back one step in the menu system. Use Cancel to delete characters in an input field.

6. Press the Call key to place a call.

7. Camera presets define specific camera positions. Press and hold a number key for 1 second to save the current camera position to that number key. To activate a preset while in a call, simply press and release that number key.

8. Snapshot takes a snapshot of your video. (Only while you are in a call)

9. The Presentation key switches to a predefined presentation source (such as a PC).

10. Press OK/Menu to show the menu and to select menu items.

11. Use Zoom + and – to zoom the camera in and out.

12. Selfview displays your outgoing video. Press Selfview again to turn selfview off.

13. The system Address Book stores users, end points and conferences for easy one-click placement of calls.

14. Use the red End Call key to end the current call. Pressing this key when not in a call will place the system in Standby mode.

15. Number/Letter keys function in the same manner as with a mobile phone.

16. Press Touch tones when you are in a call and need to dial extension numbers etc. (instead of presets).


Tandberg Remote Control Tips:

To activate the remote, just pick it up

The on-screen menu automatically hides, to make it appear just hit the OK button on the remote

Calls can be made with only 2 steps, from any menu type your conference number, then hit the green Call key

If you ever get lost in a menu, just hit the Cancel key a few times to back up

Need help? Just hit the Help key on the bottom of the remote to access the built-in Help Manual