Installing Jabber Video for TelePresence on your iPad

IMPORTANT: Before you begin, make sure you request an automated email that contains your username, password and correct server settings. You will need to have MaineHealth IS set up a Jabber account for you. Once you have your username and password, you can proceed with the instructions below:

1. Download “Cisco Jabber Video for iPad” from the iTunes store, it has a PURPLE icon.

2. Launch the app and then type in your email and click continue

jabber ipad 2

3. On the next screen choose “TelePresence Video Communication Server”

jabber ipad 3

4. Using the information provided in the automated email you received, type in your username, password and 3 server settings, then click sign in

jabber ipad 4

Once you are signed in you can begin using Jabber on your iPad

Finding Users:
To get to the MaineHealth directory of users, click on the “Search for Contacts” bar and then choose “TelePresence Directory” and THEN do a search for people.

Coming Soon: Using Jabber for TelePresence on your iPad