Crestron Video Conferencing Instructions


To Set Up the Crestron System
Touch the Crestron screen to begin, choose the Video Conferencing mode and let it power on.


To Dial in to a Conference
Make sure the VIDEO CONF BUTTON is selected in the left column
Type the 4 digit number on the keypad
Hit the GREEN CALL BUTTON to connect (hit the END CALL button to disconnect after the conference)

To Make a Call from the Address Book
Hit the ADDRESS BOOK BUTTON to the right of the green call button.
Using the arrow keys on the screen, arrow down to either Video Conferences, Video Desktop Users or Video Units – click the OK button to a enter category.
Select a conference, user or unit and hit the OK button.
Hit the GREEN CALL BUTTON on screen to call.

To Set Up Your Camera
Click the CAMERAS BUTTON in the left column
Choose your camera from the top row of buttons
Control the camera using the Zoom and Movement arrow keys

To Display The Room Laptop
Click on the VIDEO SEND BUTTON on the VIDEO CONF Screen.

To Display Your Laptop
Click the YOUR LAPTOP BUTTON in the left column, then hit the VIDEO SEND BUTTON on the VIDEO CONF screen